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Imperial Crown 1960 4dr/HT (photo extraite du Prestige catalog)

The gurus of automotive design history will tell you that the 1960 Imperials are unclassifiable, an intermediate step between the Forward Look of 1957-’59 and the neoclassic look of 1961-’63. These people have surveyed with amusement or pity the baroque esthetics of the ’60s. For if the chassis and drive train of the 1960 Imperial derive from earlier years, the restyled body prefigures the ’61 model, just as the rear bumper stayed in service for two years following ’61.
The grille and tailfin treatment give a startling appearance to the car, in particular the heavy front bumper in the form of a shallow "V" rising at the ends to meet the body, and the trapezoidal grille.

 The tailfins, inspired by those of the 1959 Plymouth (themselves suggested by the "613" prototype of 1957), break the pure lineof preceding years with their upward thrust. They surmount a new taillight that is even more extravagant, looking something a gyroscope or the device that gave them the nickname of "microphone taillight." Calligraphic emblems on the flanks of 1957 and ’58 Imperials come back into service, and so does the style of the dashboard, with big round instrument clusters lit by "electroluminescence" (as on the AstroDome Chrysler). The interior rear-view mirror returns to a rational place on the dash, while the steering wheel becomes nearly rectangular.

Tableau de bord 60: après avoir délaissé en 59 les grands cadrans ronds, c'est le retour de la démesure ! L'éclairage se fait par un système analogue aux "AstraDome" Chrysler (électroluminescence).

Option "Silvercrest" (inserts inox)

The hardtop’s "landau" roof is available with inserts sweeping in a curve from front to back, either painted or done in stainless steel a $62.40 option except on the LeBaron, where the decorations were standard. The LeBaron comes with a small back window to protect its owners from the gaze of a curious public. Those decorative roof panels, alas, soon experience problems of opened seams and rust.

There are no significant engineering changes from the 1959 models. Among options a new record turntable is offered, this one following RCA design and playing regular 45-rpm discs.
Ghia continues to produce a small number of Crown Imperial limousines, on which almost all Imperial options are standard. Only 16 of them were sold in this model year.



V8 Wedge "Golden Lion" 413 CI (6769 cc)
Bore x stroke: 4.18 x 3.75 inches.
Horsepower: 350 hp at 4600 rpm
Torque: 470 ft/lbs at 2800 rpm
Compression ratio: 10.0  / 1.
Carburator: 4 BBL Carter AFB 2927 S
Electrical: 12 V


Automatic transmission  "Torqueflite" 3 speeds
Converter ratio: 2.2 /1
gear selection: 5 pushbuttons (left-hand side of inst. panel): N, D, 1, 2, R.
Ratios:  1° : 2,45 ; 2°  : 1,45 ; Drive: 1 ;  Reverse : 2,2.
Rear axle: 2.93 / 1.

Suspension, brakes

Front, type  independent, torsion-bar with ball joints, power steering : "Constant Control Power steering".
Rear, type semi elliptic leaves
Brakes: power, 4 drums ( 12 in.)
Parking brake (drum) at rear of transmission


Wheelbase: 129 in. (Ghia: 149.5)
Length x width :  226 (Ghia: 248) x 81,1.
Weight: 4655 to 4860 lbs (Ghia: 5960 lbs)
Height: 57.5 in loaded
Tires 8.20 x 15 (Ghia: 8.90 x 15)

Production, prices

PY1-L Custom sedan 4dr: 2335 at $5029
PY1-L Custom Southampton 4dr: 3953  at $5029
PY1-L Custom Southampton 2dr: 1498  at $4923
PY1-M Crown sedan 4dr: 1594  at $5647
PY1-M Crown Southampton 4dr: 4510 at $5647
PY1-M Crown Southampton 2dr: 1504  at $5403
PY1-M Crown convertible 2dr: 618 at $5774
PY1-H LeBaron sedan 4dr: 692 at $6318
PY1-H LeBaron Southampton 4dr 999. at $6318
PY1- ? Crown Imperial limousine: 16  at $16000

Options  (some of them..)

- A/C. ($ 590)
- "Sure Grip" differential
- Pw. windows and seats on PY1-L (std on others).
- Pw vent windows (std LeBaron)
- Solex glass
-  Power "Swivel seat" or 6 Way power seat.
- automatic rear view miror "Miror-matic"
-  "Electro touch" Radio
- Auto pilot.
- Electric door locks
- Highway HiFI RCA 45 rpm


Serial number (on right front door post):
Custom: 9104 100001 to 9104 1.....
Crown: 9204 100001 to 9204 1.....
LeBaron: 9304 100001 to 9304 1.....
Ghia Crown Imperial: 9904 100001 to 9904 1....
Engine number (on the block in a flat space behind the water pump):
P 41 .......


1960 IMPERIAL photo gallery
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Nixon + 60 cv. Crown 4dr H/T Dietmar's Crown Swivel seats Taillights
Nixon in a 60 convertible Crown "Southampton" 4 dr/HT (ad) This Crown belongs to Dietmar Frensemeyer. See his site in the "links" page Swivel Seats (convertible 60)

LeBaron 4dr H/T LeBaron 4dr H/T Crown 2 dr H/T Crown 2 dr H/T Sedan 4 dr H/T
60 LeBaron. (1st owner: Omar Sharif) french LeBaron 4 dr/HT , Omar Sharriff's car 2 dr H/T 1960 Custom Sedan H/T
Dave & Tracy Sherratt's  LeBaron 60 convertible his interior 60 convertible and another ..

gorgous 60 convertible

Convertible 60impcv4.jpg (64288 octets)


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