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Important: The site has not been updated for quite a few years but you can always contact its author by email:
phil.courant AT amerisud.fr

fleche.gif (198 octets)   No, this isn't another auxiliary club about American cars. It brings together information, photos, technical pages and news from owners of Chryslers and Imperials of the '50s and '60s. We invite you to add to it.

fleche.gif (198 octets) Some will wonder why they don't find a '50 Chrysler or '62 Imperial. This site is chiefly devoted to the era of Virgil Exner, the master designer whose influence led Detroit into tail-fins, free-standing headlights, and general extravagance of styling. Before '55 and after '61, Exner wasn't the boss.

fleche.gif (198 octets) The pages titled 55-61 Imperial and 55-61 Chrysler 300 are organized as follows:
        -  A brief summary of essentials.
        - Specifications, factory options, and production figures.
        - In many cases, a heading For More on the Subject linking to articles and other information about the model year.
        - A photo gallery.

To move from one year to another, click on the flashing date icons at the top of the page.

fleche.gif (198 octets) Letting the mouse pointer hover on a picture will bring up its caption (not all the pictures yet, but I keep working on it.) If advertising pop-ups bother you, get rid of them by clicking on their X, or just outside their window.

fleche.gif (198 octets) All the photos are from my own collection or from the other sites whose emblem-links are shown above, and we are most grateful to them for sharing. The letter F on a photo means it's a car residing in France, at least when the picture was taken. Please don't reproduce any photos without permission.

fleche.gif (198 octets) The translation of these pages is by Frank L. Peters Jr. of St Louis (Mo). Many thanks !!

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Philippe Courant (Imperial 57 conv.)
53 rue A. Brémond
64000 PAU (France)
e-mail: phil.courant AT amerisud.fr

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