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Note: if you've purchased one of the car "for sale" (ebay or private) let me know, i'll add your name . If you've a '57 Imperial convertible, i'll be glad to add your pics to this page.

I'll be glad also to have your VIN (which will be kept secret and never disclosed on web or other), just to know "which is the oldest and latest" of '57 convertible. Perhaps you don't know but the early '57 convertibles had a "side windshield molding medallion" never seen on closed cars. Mine has these medallions (which are different from the inside lower corner plastic molding..) and the only other place i saw them is on a ... factory convertible pic displayed in the 55-63 Imperial photo archives book. These medallions needed a special molding with 2 holes for medallions'studs.

Philippe Courant's (green) 1957 Imperial convertible.
(date of pics : 01/20/2002)


My car, restored from 1994 to 2001. The story is here. (in french) and here (in english)

The pic at left has been taken in july 2004 between Albi and Realmont, during the "festival de Realmont"


The car was featured in french magazine "Nitro" # 211 (aout/septembre 2004). 8 pages.

Please do not use these pics before emailing me for permission...



imp7.jpg (52768 octets) imp6.jpg (62445 octets) imp8.jpg (45606 octets) imp10.jpg (55926 octets) imp9.jpg (56145 octets)
imp13.jpg (62465 octets) imp14.jpg (63351 octets) imp15.jpg (47585 octets) imp17.jpg (52415 octets) imp19.jpg (42142 octets)
imp12.jpg (45951 octets) imp20.jpg (59798 octets) imp22.jpg (54124 octets) imp16.jpg (46350 octets) imp11.JPG (425700 octets)

imp23.jpg (57643 octets) imp3.jpg (47697 octets) imp21.JPG (47314 octets) imp18.jpg (59857 octets) imp31.jpg (60769 octets)
The "mountain bike" speedo

New pics  !  actualised 9/9/03 (highway hifi)      
the day i received it now in the car and restored ... "highway hifi" + "mirrormatic" bike speedo gone ..
New pics  !  At the " Hôtel du Département" of Pau (june 03)      
Full size pic  (large file !) Full size pic  (large file !      
looks like a 1/18 scale ...
Please do not use these pics on the web without my permission ..  

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Ed Lavelle's (ex- Roy Braatz) (pink) 1957 Imperial convertible


57roybraatz2.jpg (38675 octets) 57roybraatz3.jpg (40088 octets) 57roybraatz1.jpg (39510 octets) 57roybraatz4.jpg (39708 octets) 57roy5.jpg (38532 octets)

- The blue "part" is a bug deflector
- Le "rond" bleu est un déflecteur d'insectes

(08/09/03)  Ed Lavelle (Tx) bought the car from Roy Braatz in summer 2003. He sent me two pics of his "new" convertible. Note that the car has now the single headlight front end. It was done by Roy some months ago.

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The (black) '57 Heaven Museum Imperial convertible

57impcv_heaven.jpg (42873 octets) chryslerimperialconv.jpg (25281 octets)
link to '57 Heaven Museum


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The only 4dr (white) '57  Imperial convertible

57cvghia1.jpg (47640 octets)


Someone gave me  some numbers of the data plate: the model is 283, so Ghia built this car from a convertible and not from a 2dr-HT. When you look at the windshield side moldings you'll find exactly the same than mine with exterior medallions. Schedule date was 2, february 1957 and this car has a SO/FO number so it was previously built as an export model (with kph speedo). Unlike others Ghia, this model has the '57 front end (bumper & grille). Don't know from which car come the hubcaps.


57cvghia2.jpg (36625 octets) 57cvghia3.jpg (26243 octets) 57cvghia4.jpg (40481 octets) 57cvghia5.jpg (45274 octets) 57ghia_cv_data.jpg (22639 octets) 57cvghia12.jpg (24820 octets)
A  very very very rare script .. Export speedo (260 kph = 162 mph !!)) Data plate:
options 221 (black soft top) - 345 (Highway HiFi) - 356 (Electro Touch radio). Paint X (white)
"Ghia" medallion over headlight
57cvghia6.jpg (74168 octets) 57cvghia7.jpg (54235 octets) 57cvghia8.jpg (59047 octets) 57cvghia9.jpg (54052 octets) 57cvghia10.jpg (55248 octets) 57cvghia11.jpg (13474 octets)
392 engine with 2 generators. No A/C or heater, ther's a delete plate instead of the heater case Folding top rails; linkage is same as mine but center bow (fixed) is different to accomodate divider window Rear refrigerator ! Rear compartment. The upper courtesy light panel is same as on convertible Folding seat Original hubcap (with '58 insert)
Custom made or ?


57ghia-cv.jpg (72165 octets)

And the original pic, thanks to Raphaël ...

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Tom Cox's (Gauguin red) 1957 Imperial convertible (for sale ..)

(July 2002) From Dane in CA . This is the 1957 Chrysler Crown Imperial Convertible, Only 1,167 ever made, and very few to be known to still exist. Hemi motor, Push button automatic Transmission, Trans reads NDR21, Power Windows, Power brakes, PS ?, Radio with both Loc & Dist. Adjustment, Power Antenna, Switch around light control says Air on & up, Optional tire cover on trunk. The car was originally a Salmon or coral reddish color, with a gray leather interior and white top.
Mileage reads only 48,576. Which easily could be original miles since it was last registered in September of 1976 according to the original black California plates # AZT177. And stored ever since.
Vehicle ID# C5724013I acquired the car at least 8-10 years ago from a retired police officer in Berkeley Ca. Who was in his 80's and started to restore the car, but became unable to work on it any further. From what I understand, the engine has been taken out and rebuilt, but never started because it has not even reassembled. I do not know if this has been done or not, but it looks as if the tank had been boiled out, and the radiator cleaned. The carburetor is still sealed in a plastic bag after being rebuilt.
As far as I can tell, the car is 100% complete. It seams to have all its chrome, hubcaps, emblems etc.
The rear tail lens look new, the front bird looks nice, as does the script. All the parts not seen in photos are in the car in boxes. The tires have been holding air forever, and don't leek. The body really has no dents at all, and seams quit straight. I do not see any rust in the floors, frame, trunk or any of the fender wells, after all it was a dry California car, so it never drove on salted roads. There are a few spots of rust where the car drains water on the lower rocker panels, and the rear driver side quarter panel before the bumper where the metal starts to curl under the car. All in all some pretty common and easy repairs. The dash is not cracked at all, the front seat I think has been redone, but the back seat is not so nice original gray leather.
The bumpers appear straight, and might still look OK for a driver, they still shine, but not as new and at least part of one is showing age ware. The front glass has a crack. (...)

At end of 2002 august: (..) It has been sold a while ago.

At end of 2002 september: The new owner is Tom Cox from SC. He sent me some messages (see the "Guest book") and i hope he'll send me pics of the restoration. (another "story w/o end ?)..

57conv3.jpg (41553 octets) 57conv2.jpg (40339 octets) 57conv1.jpg (42251 octets) 57conv5.jpg (35715 octets) 57conv4.jpg (44599 octets)

February 2003: the car is for sale !! Message from Tom:

Hello Philippe,

Greetings! I haven’t talked to you for awhile since buying the 57 Imperial convertible, but I hope you are well and that everything is going well with you.
I have a new “love” interest since we last communicated: 300 Chrysler letter cars. I have purchased a 1960 300F convertible (loaded but rough), two 300F coupes (loaded and in pretty good shape) and two 300C coupes (one in great shape and the other in pretty good condition.) I don’t know why these have caught my attention, but I have kind of gone nuts. I will sell one each of the 300 F and C coupes after I restore them and I plan to keep the 300F convertible, 300F coupe and the 300C coupe.
This brings me to the Imperial; I believe I will sell it for no other reason than I don’t think I can store another project. It has been in dry storage since I bought it and I have straightened the frame where it had been bumped in the left rear. I have purchased a few parts along the way, but I really don’t know when I will get to the restoration. I have offered it back to Dane Beasley (or to a guy that offered him more money than I did after we had already struck a deal). But if he doesn’t want it, I didn’t know if you knew anyone that might be interested. The floors and trunk are totally rust free and the body is certainly in very good shape. Everything is there, as far as I can tell. I assume you don’t want it, but I know that you love these cars and I wondered if you knew someone that has more time than I have right now. I will be asking $16,000 for it which is what I have in it.

I would appreciate any leads that you can give me. I don’t mind sharing some of the price if a lead works out. Let me know.
Thanks.  Tom Cox


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? (white) '57  Imperial convertible (on ebay)

57cv-ebay1.jpg (47068 octets)A white '57 convertible in poor conditions was for sale on ebay between 10/13/02 and 10/20/02. The car wasn't sold because the reserve price wasn't met (max bid: 1625.00 $). Here is the text of the bid:


" WE SELLING THIS FOR A FRIEND. WE FEEL THIS CAR IS STRICTLY A PARTS CAR...BUT AN OUTSIDE CHANCE IS RESTORABLE...PLEASE IS YO ARE SERIOUS EMAIL US AT AND WE WILL GIVE YOU THE PRESENT OWNERS PHONE NUMBER. This car has sat outside for over 35 years, when the previous ownere crunched the passenger 1/4 panel and got a quote back then od $500 to fix it got parked...The cars has: power top,392 Hemi,power seat,power windows,tinted ALL glass. The convertible body frame is good. There are some very rare parts here and considering about 1000 produced...a good find for parts or? You can see this car is VERY derilict looking...rust everywhere. Please DO NOT BID if you see this is an easily restored car, again its my personal opinion its not, but please talk to Andy and go from there. Priced at what we feel the parts that are salvagable are worth. Delivery possible to anywhere, again inquire first before bidding..."


I wrote to the seller (which isn't the owner) and he gave me the phone number of the owner. If someone is interested ?


Good project for the next winter !


57cv-ebay2.jpg (44763 octets) 57cv-ebay3.jpg (51337 octets) 57cv-ebay4.jpg (48903 octets)
curious interior: green dash and red seats.. the hemi is there but rust also ..

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 (black) '57 "single headlights" Imperial convertible

A rare "single headlights" convertible for sale on ebay (04/22/2003).

Description of the seller: CAR NEEDS RESTORATION. Has some rust here and there, but the floors and trunk are fairly solid and do need a few patches. Car is very complete as you can see. Quarters have some rust around the openings and some surface rust, doors are solid, fenders have a bit of rust at headlight peaks. It is very restorable. Grey and White leather interior.

392 Hemi Motor ran when last tried 2 years ago, and still turns over easily by hand.

How could you have a more cool car than this? 1957 is when it was all happening, You need a convertible, having a HEMI means that everyone else shuts up about what they have, and you can park that $80,000 Caddy in the trunk.


I love the last sentence ! You're right !!

Sold for 13 100 $


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? (white) '57  Imperial convertible (on ebay)

Seen on ebay (may 2003), a gorgeous convertible which looks as mine. Fully loaded (AC / wire wheels).

Description: This auction is for a 1957 Chrysler Imperial Convertible, recently restored to original factory specification. This Imperial is equipped with the following:

* Power Windows * Power Steering * Power Brakes * Power Seats * Factory Air Conditioning * 392 Hemi Engine * Wire Wheels * Seek Radio

The exterior paint is factory Ermine White and the top is White. The interior is Blue Turquoise in vinyl material. The restoration work was professionally performed. The restoration included rebuilding the 392 Hemi engine, all new wiring harnesses, body was completely stripped and painted, all stainless steel and chrome was redone, new dashpad, new steering wheel, new windshield, new wide white radial tires, new trunk material, and NOS parts where needed. Since restoration this car has only 400 miles on it, drives and looks like a million bucks! Serious bidders only. Email for questions or more pictures.

not sold: max. bid: 31,200.00 $ (reserve not met)


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The Blue "Howard Hughes"  '57 Imperial convertible

For sale on ebay (09/09/2003 ). Text below


Description:  : Purchased new by Hughes Productions from the Harger-Haldeman dealership in Los Angeles on July 15, 1957, for $5,775.79.

This exceptional and historically significant automobile is offered to settle an Estate, and the auction proceeds from the sale of this fine automobile will be contributed to the benefit of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute's Jimmy Fund for cancer research. (..) This vehicle is in exceptional original condition with recent first repaint in the original Horizon Blue color and with a recent convertible top. (...) ·
- Odometer currently reads 49,359 original miles
· "Flight sweep" rear deck with "toilet seat" spare tire cover
· 392 Hemispherical ("Hemi") combustion chamber engine with correct carburetor and air cleaner and windshield washer bottle
· Power top
· Power windows
· Eight-way power seats
· Equipped with Chrysler's famous cast iron "Torque-Flight" three-speed automatic, with push-button shift controls
· Rare, optional "Highway Hi-Fi," an automobile record player
· Recent first repaint in original Horizon Blue color
· Recent white convertible top with new, clear undisturbed rear window (new zipper is jammed)
· No apparent rust
· Upholstery excellent except for minor wear and character lines on leather portions
· Recent mufflers
· Storied vehicle, featured in many books and magazines

The car was sold for 46,100.00 $. The new owner is  (now was) Bill
re-solded 378,000.00 $ (!!!!) at Barrett Jackson auction (january 2006)

"highway hifi"        

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?  Blue '57 "single headlights" Imperial convertible 

For sale on Ebay (28 sept. 2004). Text below

Vehicle Description

very rare 57 imperial crown convertible.seldom seen single headlight model in a very sharp and original color combination.this car has always been in california,and was a one owner lady owned car till 85,then stored till 90,at that time the car was repainted,a chrome was re-plated,new correct top was installed,and the engine was re-built.frame and floors are rock solid original,as is trunk floor.all matching numbers,have build record from factory,and reg copies from 61-up to storage,and then to 90.-present.

Vehicle Condition

this car is in excellant running condition all guages and equipment works,all windows,radio ,etc.the interior was re-done in naugahyde,probably in the late 60's,not bad,but not perfect,dash pad has some shrinking.trunk will need kit,and carpets are ok for driver.indicated mileage is not actual


Starting bid: 32 500 $. "buy it now": 35 500 $

other pics

    "triple blue" !!

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 ? (black) '57  Imperial convertible (on ebay)

For sale on Ebay (29 sept. 2004). Text below

Description of the seller:   This is a 1957 Chrysler Imperial Convertible.

NO RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!  NO RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been sitting many years.

I believe the paint and interior to be original. There is NO engine or trans. BUT, I have located several people that have them available. This information will be given to the winner of the car at the close of auction. I have been offered these parts at $2000. If I come across cheaper parts, then I will offer it.

This car requires COMPLETE restoration. The body is straight, kind of hard to hide when its Black.

There is rust. Trunk area, lower rockers, etc...I have taken many pictures to show.

The chrome and stainless are very good original. I seem to be missing the front fender crown emblems at the moment.

I am NOT a Chrysler guy. I mostly work with CADILLACS from the 40's through the 60's. I wish this was a 59 Eldorado, but it is not.
This car has recently been uncovered through an estate sale where this car had no paperwork. I will assist the new buyer in obtaining a California title with their name on the title.
The windshield is cracked. The car is a little "crusty" on the bottome side, this car had been in storage in a semi wet area.

Need a "story without end" restoration ...   Lot of pics with the description:

Notes: I talked with the seller (via internet) and it appears that the data plate shows a 00 trim code and SO/FO numbers (itsn't an! So it's a "special order interior". The seller tells me that it is (was) white and off white, which are  non factory colors  (see data plate codes). Curiously i know a french LeBaron 57 with the same 00 trim code (and which have also a white leather interior !..). Other codes are  357, 349, 222, 356, 345, 323, 332. Built date: 3/11
I hope that the future owner will restore the car "as original". Among the few '57 convertibles it's perhaps the only one with SO trim ...

    grey steering and dash no engine !!  

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Ryan's (regatta blue) '57  Imperial convertible (on ebay)

For sale on Ebay (Aug-27-2006) , text of the auction below

"Here is a very rare 1957 Chrysler Imperial Crown Convertible. I believe there was only around 1100 or 1200 of these made. The car itself is mostly complete Just missing a few of the small crown emblems. I do have quite a bit of extra trim for the car including some tailight stuff, extra bumpers,a perfect grille, extra headlights and buckets, and many more various parts and pieces. The car itself does have some rust issues as most cars this age do. It will need floor pans from the rear seat forward and only the corners of the trunk are rusted otherwise trunk floor is ok. Looks to me the floor is rusted but all bracing is there. It will need some quarter and rocker work, but nothing too extensive. All rusty areas look like they can be fixed with patch panels rather than full quarters. It is a power top and it looks that everything is there for the top except the top material. It was a white-ish color. All actuators, the pump, and lines are present. It also has power windows. Everything is there but the switches. Power seat is complete and in need of reupholstery. Power antenna is also there as well. The engine a 392 hemi. I believe is the original one to this car. I haven't done anything with it, its just as it was when I got the car. The cam and timing cover are out/off the motor but other than that it looks very complete. I believe it is stuck but that usually isn't a huge deal. The transmission is out of the car but is present. As of now the car is offered with a bill of sale only.This is a very rare car, with lots of options. It is definetly a project but is very restorable. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me I have additional pictues avaliable upon request as well. I have not previously shipped cars before, but I do have a contact that ships cars via container overseas very reasonably that I can put buyer in contact with but buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements or pick-up. Pick-up is preferred but I can work with buyer on shipping. .”

Here are the data plate infos sent by Ryan, the seller of the car.

MDL 283 = Crown convertible.  PNT  C : = Regatta Blue poly. It's a metallic dark blue color
Trim 83 : upholstery = dark gray leather & light gray metallic leather.  SCH 0716 = schedule day (when the car left the factory) 0716 = 16 july (1957).  ITEM 2592 = ?
Options code
357 = Flitesweep Decklid (false wheel on trunk)
349 = Dual headlights
222 = ?
356 = Electro-Touch Radio
323 = Heater - custom conditionaire
264 = ?
332 = Solex Glass

Sold (after 1 relisting) for US $3,250.00


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