European meeting

Nürburgring (Germany)



Meeting : Chrysler 300 " letter " and  Imperial show

Organisation ( For France) : Amicale MoPar de l’....

Location : Nürburgring F1 speedway in Germany (7 & 8 August 1999).


I got wind of this meeting from the Internet and the Imperial mailing list ; a member of this list, Dietmar Frensemeyer (see his site at, wanted to encourage Chrysler Europe to join his annual Viper meeting, the forerunners of this model of course were the "Letter Cars" and also the prestigious Imperials.

The Viper meeting has taken place for the last three years at the O.G.P., near Bonn, on the famous Formula One circuit at Nürburgring where the swells of competition vintage cars can be found. Chrysler-Jeep-Automotive -Europe could not refuse, since i1961 Chrysler 300 G convertible (owner : Stefan Wernerstrand, SW)t sponsors numerous prestigious vintage car meetings like Peable Beach or Bagatelle. And it's like this that I set off on a journey of 1400 km in the middle of August to be at the opening show and to meet owners and lovers of the "Letters" and Imperials.

900 miles on, after having passed through the magnificent countryside along the Moselle river, the Chrysler officials welcomed us.
A surprise ! It is the charming young lady, Ulrike Golschmidt, who is looking after the registrations, giving the traditional welcome gifts to the participants. All this takes place in the fabulous Bad Neunhaar Hotel, a few kilometers from Nürburgring .

Ulrike, for these two days, would be working tirelessly for the efficient running of the meeting and waiting hand and foot on "her" participants. (click on "continuer" to continue !)

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