1. In 1955 "a star is born" at Chrysler. Six people could travel at better than 120 mph. What was this car called?

  2. 1928 saw two Series 75 Chrysler roadsters compete in a famous race. They finished sixth and seventh. What was the name of the event?

  3.  Subcompacts " had a big success in the late 1970s. Dodge and Plymouth offered small cars of this type. They were sold in France under the name (Simca) Talbot, but what were they called in America ?
    DODGE ...........................   PLYMOUTH ....................

  4. The first DeSoto came out in :  1929  1928 1924 1914

  5. It was a fashionable practice in the late 1970s to have the name of some famous artist (jeweler, decorator, singer etc.) applied to certain fixtures on an expensive car, entitling it to the designation of a " limited series. " Lincoln had its " Cartier " and " Bill Blass. " Whose name was attached to a limited series of Chrysler Imperials of 1981-82 (but not 1983) ?
    Emilio Pucci  Frank Sinatra     Pablo Picasso Coco Chanel

  6. In 1969-70, two powerful Chrysler-builts with huge tailfins were prominent in the NACSAR racing season. One was the Plymouth (Roadrunner) Superbird, the other the Dodge :
    Demon   D500   Daytona     Ramcharger

  7. What distinction is shared by the Imperials of 1955, ’56 and ’62 ?

  8. DeSotos of the model year 1942 had a short production season (August ’41 to January ’42) because of wartime restrictions. Their appearance was marked by a feature found on no other DeSoto. What was this feature ?

  9. What difference of body style (leaving aside decorative emblems and number of seats) set apart the 1960 Dodge Matador wagon from the Dodge Polara wagon of the same year ? Both were four-door types.

  10. Chrysler-built 9-passenger station wagons in the model years 1958-’61 were equipped with " Captive Air " tires. What was their distinction and why weren’t they used on other models ?

  11. Match correctly the make and model names, deliberately scrambled on this list :